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The Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums Instructors have been providing private and group Bagpipe & Drum Lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students since 1996. Our award winning instructors are the highest grade musicians in the state.


Weekly Beginner Group Lessons

The Greater Richmond Pipes & Drums provides affordable Beginner Group Bagpipe Lessons. Our Weekly Beginner Group Curriculum is a great place for students to start out, learn from our experienced instructors, and to practice with and learn from each other. It's also a great place to make friends and to meet others with similar interests.

We welcome students of all ages and skill levels. Please see below for details.

Group Lesson Benefits

A group setting allows students to also learn from each other.

In addition, playing tunes as a group improves each student's ability to play in unison with others; a key element when playing in performances and competitions in the future.

Not to mention, it's just more fun to learn and play with others...

Group Lesson Times & Locations:



Private Lessons Also Available

We also provide affordable private lessons for beginning, intermediate and advanced students

Many of our experienced pipers and drummers are involved in our highly successful tuition program, which has trained several of the most successful Grade II, III & IV competition pipers and drummers in the region.

Contact us if you are interested in private lessons.