Below are answers to some of the commonly asked questions about the band:

I'm an experienced Piper (or Drummer), how do I go about joining the band?
Please send us an email. Email us HERE. You may also come by one of our weekly Grade V or Grade IV practices and meet the team! For the schedule and location, please visit the About section of this website.. CONTACT US BEFORE COMING OUT.
I am interested in learning to play the Bagpipes (or Drums), who do I contact for lessons?
We offer both group and private lessons. We have a number of experienced instructors available to fit any schedule. Please visit our Lessons page for details and schedule.
I am already a bagpipe student taking private or group lessons. How do I know if I am ready to start attending band practices?
We require that students be able to play the band's basic repertoire on the practice chanter from memory. Contact one of the music leaders to get a copy of the repertoire. Be sure that your private lessons instructor has determined that you are playing these tunes correctly, and with a metronome. Once you are comfortable with these tunes, please contact our Pipe Major and arrange a time to come out to practice. Email us HERE.
How long does it take to learn to play the bagpipes?
It normally takes about a year of regularly scheduled lessons, hard work, and commitment to learn to play the bagpipes or drums correctly. It's not easy, but it's very rewarding, not to mention they are beautiful instruments.
Is it possible to teach myself to play the bagpipes properly using a book and/or a video?
How much does a set of bagpipes or a drum cost, and where should I buy them?
Do NOT purchase a set of bagpipes or a drum without talking to a senior member of our band first. There is a broad range of prices and quality, and we don't want you to waste your money by making a wrong decision. If you're a beginner bagpiper, all you will need for now is a "Practice Chanter". We would suggest a "Dunbar or Gibson Long Poly Practice Chanter", found at many of the online retailer websites.